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<>Hey all you Moods fans, great news!!!!
<><>The Original Moods
<><>will appear at  the
<><>"175th Anniversary of Dewitt County Fest "
It will be in Cuero on Saturday, September 25 from 8-10 PM.  The fest will take place at The Market Pavillion in downtown Cuero.  It's located on Main Street one block east of Hwy. 183.  The Pavillion is next to the city's Library.  The celebration is free to everyone and will include lots of other activities as well as two hours of good ol' time Rock-n-Roll.  Come out and visit with's our first appearance in over 2 years, so help us celebrate!!!

Celebrating 63 years of Music in 2021


This is one of The Moods original trailers that was on display at the Luling Watermelon Thump.  As you can see, all The Moods have autographed it.

  Central Texas’ Favorite 50’s & 60’s Rock and Roll Band 
They're back...The Original Moods are entertaining young and old alike at dancehalls and venues of years gone by....Places like Hallettsville KC Hall, Turner Hall, Swiss Alps, Schroeder Hall, Moulton, Shiner, Luling, Lockhart, Seguin, Beeville, Nordheim, Gruenau, Lindenau and many more.  If you enjoyed them in the past, now they are ready to do it all over again for your dancing and listening pleasures.

Available for bookings for private as well as public performances, the group includes some of the best musicians around to perform all the "Oldies" as well as some country music just like you remember them from those wonderful, care-free times of the old dance halls as well as the modern venues that are popular today.

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<>All dances 8-12 PM unless noted otherwise



NOTE:  All CD's below are $10 each and shipping for 1-3 CD's is $5.  Send check or other payment to:
The Moods
Barry Beuershausen
212 Dowlor
Refugio, TX  78377
Be sure to include a "Ship To" address  with your payment.  Thanks!!!

---Available Now---
The MOODS "Live At Turner Hall" CD

If you were there when it was recorded, you remember the crowd noise, the music, the sound of people having a good 'ol time listening to great 'ol time music at Turner Hall.  It's all captured on the remastered CD .....dedications to students at "Southwest Texas State" , "Texas A&I" and lots of others can be heard being requested and announced.  A real trip down memory lane has been recorded for your listening pleasure.  Here is what the cover, CD  itself, and back cover look like.   By the way, one of the original "Live At Turner Hall" vinyl LP's just sold on Ebay for nearly $800 recently.   Order by email or get them at a performance near you!  


Below is the back cover with the song listing and some pics of Turner Hall taken recently.


"Original Sounds Of The Moods"  CD


This Moods CD is titled "The Original Sounds" and features 23 of The Moods original 45's that have been digitally re-mastered for our fans' listening pleasure.  These songs were for the most part written by Jimmy Bazar, Fred Frazier, Ross Whiteside, Jr., and Clyde Wallace and feature many early members of the group.  There are songs that you will remember and those that were on the backside of popular records that have been forgotten.  We hope you will enjoy listening to the music of years gone by.  There is also one song, "Let It Be Me" written by Fred and sung by David, that was recorded in the late 60's at RCA in Nashville by The Moods of Country Music.  The records for this CD were obtained from the collections of members of The Moods and some had never been out of the jackets before they were remastered.  We hope you enjoy this trip down "memory lane" with us.


Here is the back of the case with listing of the songs that are on the CD

"The Original Moods" CD


A limited edition digital remaster of The Original Moodscassette that was originally recorded in the mid 90's features 14 songs that The Moods perform at all their dances and is now available for your listening pleasure.  Here's an image of the cover and the CD. 

Here's the cover.....  .....and here's the actual CD

Songs include:  Satisfaction, Cherry Pie, Soul & Inspiration, Over The Mountain, Gloria, For Your Love, Donna, Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, Old Time Rock 'N Roll, Matilda, Proud Mary, Talk To Me, My Girl, and Last Song
We hope everyone enjoys the CD as much as they did the cassette...The sound is awesome!!

To order a CD, contact, or better yet, visit us at a dance near you soon and pick one up there!!


Here is a link to a presentation on The Eyes of Texas that was done about The Moods several years ago during the Reunion Tour I that featured the group...very interesting to see some of the history of
The Moods. 
(click on "The Eyes of Texas" to watch the video)

This link will take you to new video of a home movie (taken by J. T. Blackwell) featuring The Moods playing a concert in downtown Luling and the second part is taken at the opening of the Dairy Mart in Luling. There was no sound available on the home video, so a couple of The Moods records were overdubbed at a later time. This video is a longer version of the previous one that was posted here.
(To watch the video, click on either one of The Moods)

Here is a link to a video featuring "Lady Of The Sea" one of The Moods songs written by our keyboard player, Clyde Allen Wallace, when The Moods were just getting started.  The original recording was done on the Sarg Records label owned by Charlie Fitch of Luling who ran a record shop and had a recording studio in the back of the shop.  This song, along with several other Moods original songs, is now found on several European companies CD and album offerings featuring various Sarg artists that tell the Sarg Anthology.  The Moods are finding that some of their recordings were hits in Europe and elsewhere and are sought after by record collectors and are listed in collector books featuring older records. 

This video was produced by Ross Whiteside, Jr. and features underwater shots from his and his wife Terri's, diving trips around the world.
(To watch the video, click on Lady of the Sea)

Members of The Original Moods and their instruments:

Fred Frazier
-rhythm guitar/vocals

Fred is the only remaining member of the original group and has spent his entire musical career exclusively with The Moods, playing rhythm guitar and singing.  He also handles bookings for the band as well as serving as its manager as he has done for many years. He graduated from Southwest Texas State College with a chemistry degree and worked at various companies before he started Kooney X-Ray in Katy, a company that specializes in industrial and pipe line x-ray services throughout the southern states.  Fred has retired from day-to-day operations at Kooney and he and his wife, Barbara, moved back to her hometown of Gonzales where he raises poultry. 

Sylvan Rossi-sax

Sylvan started playing music in the late 1950’s with Victoria area bands including Johnny & the Wild Ones before forming The Venturas, a band that played central and south Texas for six years into the mid-60s. He then joined The Moods while serving in the 4th Army Headquarters Band at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. He played with Gene Thomas of Houston (Sometimes, This is the Last Song), Freddy Cannon of Los Angeles (Palisades Park, Abigale Beecher), Roy Head, Arnold Parker & the Mustangs and many other regional musicians. He spent over 30 years in corporate technology ending his career with EDS. Sylvan formed a non-profit which provided 30 week-long wilderness workshops to over 1,000 inner city teens who were considering dropping out of school, partnering with members of the Texas Legislature, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Sul Ross University and the University of Texas. He currently lives with his wife, Connie, in the country near Muldoon, TX.

Barry Beuershausen

Barry lives in Refugio, TX and is retired from teaching Technology Education after a 40 year career in the classroom.  He has an Associates degree from Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, and a bachelors and masters degree from what is now Texas State University.  He started playing professionally while in the 8th grade in Woodsboro with a band he helped form, along with several of his school friends, called "The Clues".  The band performed from 1958-1964 at various rock-and-roll shows and dances in the South Texas area.  The band appeared with Roy Orbison, Bobby Goldsboro, Jan & Dean, T.K. Hulin, Ray Stevens and many others during the 6 years the group was together.  Before joining The Moods, he played with several musicians around the San Marcos area. Among those were Tommy Bolton (guitar player for The Traits), and Rusty Weir.  Barry started playing with The Moods in 1964 and feels that playing with this group has been the highlight of his musical career, and feels like the members of the group are like his “extended family”.  One of the highlights of his career with the group is that he met his wife of 54 years, Marilyn, at a dance the first weekend he started playing with The Moods.

Clyde Causey
-lead guitar

In 1957, Clyde (a student at San Marcos High School) helped form a band called “The Traits”.  Later known as Roy Head and the Traits, the group recorded several songs, some with regional success.  Roy Head went on to record the national hit, “Treat Her Right”. In 1958, Clyde Causey left San Marcos and his lead guitar position with The Traits to join the Navy. While serving in the Admiral’s staff, Clyde traveled to exotic “ports of call” like Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, and most places of interest in the South Pacific.  Upon completing his military service, Clyde settled in the Central Texas area and went to work as an Internal Auditor for the Treasury Department. During the late 60’s through 2007, Clyde was involved with several local bands, playing lead guitar, in and around the Austin area.  In 2001, he and other members of the original Traits, including Roy Head, reunited for a short tour.  The group was called back to San Marcos in 2007 for a “final” performance at the San Marcos High School All-Inclusive Reunion. During that same time period in 2007, Clyde joined The Moods Reunion Tour.

David Raschke

David has played with The Moods through several stages of the group’s existence including the period that the group was known as “The Moods of Country Music”.  He plays guitar, fiddle, sax, and sings making him a very busy performer.  He also plays for some of the area “Jamboree” performances and benefits in the Central Texas area.  He and his wife, Mary, split time between their country home in Ezzel, and Lockhart where David owns Floors Plus, a custom flooring company that is headquartered in Lockhart.  His youngest son , Jason,  helps Dennis with the  sound  system for The Moods.

Carlos Orosco-bass guitar

Our newest member is Carlos Orosco from Shiner.  He plays bass guitar and has been performing onstage since 1967 when he started playing drums with his brother Albert's band.  Later he switched to bass guitar and played with various area bands.  In 1972 a new band, The Echos, were formed with some close friends and Carlos perfromed with them for 7 years, playing at all the area and South Texas dance halls.  They worked with various artists such as Roy Head, Darrell McCall, and Kenny Dale to name a few.  He has played with The Moods on several occasions over the years when needed and we welcome him to our group full time.  He's retired after over 46 years of service at a Shiner business and in 2018 he and his wife, Josie, celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Dennis Ellinghausen
-sound technician

Dennis, and his wife Bernice live in Moulton (home and Pavlas' Tavern) since Dennis recently retired from working as a manager for Waukesha-Pierce in Houston.  He was employed with W-P since graduation from Moulton High School.  He is a collector of music and perhaps has the best collection of Moods memorabilia anywhere, from various posters of the band's many member changes over the years, original records and tapes, and many pictures of the group throughout it’s history.  He has handled the sound system for many years and can be found wandering throughout the venues where the band performs, listening to make sure the sound is being mixed correctly.

For booking information, contact Fred Frazier at 830.540.4553 or 830.203.1280

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