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Barry Beuershausen
210-212 Dowlor
Refugio, TX  78377
361 526-4458
Email Address:bment@prodigy.net
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We are located in Refugio, TX between Victoria and Corpus Christi
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More information about Refugio can be found here.

Now all trikes are built with 54 speeds

(Note-  we are no longer stocking the Model 320, but can build one for special requests-allow extra time for this model)

This is my oldest son, Christopher on the new Model 2026

Above are pics of the Model 320 (L) vs. the Model 2026

More pics of the Model 2026


 Barry &  wife, Marilyn at Jalapeno Hundred in Harlingen
(very cold that day for the Rio Grande Valley)

Here's a pic of the cover from the Bee County Picayune Health and Fitness Guide.  Nice article about the Scarab trikes written by Jeff Latcham who rides a Scarab Trke himself.

         The SCARAB recumbent trike is a new dimension in cycling comfort.  The recumbent design is not only comfort oriented, but performance oriented as well.  It has light, accurate steering, superior braking, and “sports car” handling which makes them a pure joy to ride.  The recumbent trike is normally faster than a conventional bike due to the aerodynamic advantage of the design.  At 20 MPH, 80% of the rider's energy is wasted due to air resistance on a conventional bike.

Standard trike in Bright Yellow  Rear triangle view of the SCARAB

    With the SCARAB rider's legs horizontal and the seat laid back at a comfortable 45 degree angle, air resistance is much less.  At 20 MPH on a SCARAB trike, you will be using only about 75% of the effort normally needed on a conventional bike.  Optional seat angles are available down to 30 degrees.

    One of the most ergonomic factors about riding the SCARAB trike is that you will not have to support your upper body weight on the handlebars because of the design of the “hammock” style seat.  The energy saved in this more relaxed position will mean less fatigue and better performance with less stress on the body.  Sore arms, wrists, neck, shoulders, and “bottom” are a thing of the past with the SCARAB since the seat is made from cool, open-weave, shock absorbing mesh, which is further cushioned with bungee shock cord lacing under the seat.  This insulates the rider from road shock and fatigue from vibration.  In fact, people who find they cannot ride a conventional bike find the SCARAB trike very forgiving and stable.

Recumbents travel with the rider “feet first” and weight low which is safer than conventional bikes in that the SCARAB trike is almost impossible to turn over.  Braking with the dual drum brakes is effective and eliminates the chance of doing an “endo” over the bars of conventional bikes.  Safety flag mounts incorporated into the seat back frame are standard and add to visibility of the trike.  In fact, the SCARAB  will usually command more respect from automobile traffic due to its “different” appearance.

         The SCARAB trike is engineered using aircraft technology and construction practices and each frame is individually hand crafted by an aircraft fabricator who uses only United States produced 4130 cro-moly tubing which is then TIG welded not MIGed (which is faster but weaker than TIG).

Close up of main frame and axle construction (left)-steering arm and hub (right)

        All fasteners are standard US aircraft quality, and high grade sealed bearings are used exclusively in the wheels.  High pressure Comet Primo tires are used for excellent traction and handling on wet or dry pavement.  Other tire combinations are available on special order (Avocet and Comp Pools are the two most common after the Comets).

         With normal care and maintenance, the SCARAB trike will last a lifetime and it's made in the good ‘ol' USA!

        (By the way, a SCARAB is an ancient Egyptian beetle considered to be good luck and worn as decoration on jewelry by Egyptian Royalty).  Since SCARAB was the name I used on my race cars (including a National Record holding VW Drag Sedan and Chevy powered dragster), I thought it only fitting to carry on the name on these fun machines!  (The SCARAB is also a bug that has a very important function in today's ecological scheme-see dictionary or encyclopedia for explanation).

        Trikes  include complete frame, all components, cordless computer, rear rack, left hand side rear view mirror, computer/mirror mount, rear fender, and are available powder coated in various colors.  Normal colors (red, yellow, black, white, etc.) are usually available quicker than custom colors.

Both models are completely assembled and ready to ride (5 minutes from crate to street)...........$2550.00 (Model 320).   New Model 2026........$2650.00  (After holding the price on the trikes at $2450 for nearly 2 years, increases in component costs, freight costs, and with the 9 speed components, I had to increase the price.  I apologize for the increase, but I'd rather hold the components and parts at a high level of quality rather than build the trikes with cheaper components to keep the cost lower)

*Trikes are shipped without special pedals since most customers already have shoes & pedals of their choice.  If a certain type or brand of pedal is desired, they are available and will be installed at B & M's wholesale price as a service to our customers.  (I install inexpensive mountain bike style pedals for customers who are not sure what type pedals they might want at no additional charge so that they can ride the SCARAB before they decide).  WARNING!!I highly recommend that customers ride with some type of "clip on" pedals for safety purposes!  If your feet come off the pedals while riding, your feet will hit the ground and go back under the front axle of any trike and possible injury can occur.  That won't happen with clip on pedals.  Remember you don't have to worry about "unclipping" at every stop sign like you do with a regular 'bent or bike.

Popular options and pricing:

Right side mirror and mount............N/C (now included at no charge)
Rear rack bag (cordura)...................$42
Lightman strobe................................$22
Spin sock (instead of safety flag).....$15
SPD pedals .......................................$56/$42 (depends on style you order)
Front derailleur & shifter.................$42
Schwalbe Stelvio tires.......................$29 ea.  (these have a "belt" under the tread for better tube protection and wear exceptionally well (also very fast!!!)


(Contact us for current pricing on these cranksystems as the Euro/US exchange rate varies daily.)

All prices are + shipping via truck freight, usually FedEx Freight- I get a 50-61% discount off of freight list prices, and pass that on to my customers.  You can visit the FedEx website at www.fedexfreight.fedex.com, select the "rate" tab, origin zip code is 78408, class is 250, and weight is 165 (please don't panic-the trike still only weighs a little over 30 pounds, the crate is just very large and protective).  Put in your zip code, add the discount percent, and you can check the freight rate to your destination.  Residential shipments are usually $35-50 more.  I suggest that you pick the trike up at the freight terminal, or simply uncrate it there and ride it home.  Rates to the West Coast are higher than those to the East Coast.  Check with me for the exact cost (fuel  surchages change weekly).


FRAME                               4130 CRO-MO
WHEELBASE                        42” (2026 is 45")
TRACK                                32” (outside measurement of width app. 36")
LENGTH                              77”-80" max. (depends on model and boom adj.)
GEARING                            SRAM 3X9 hub, 9 spd. cassette
SHIFTERS                           SRAM twist grip w/ thumb shifter incorporated for rear hub
INTERNAL RATIOS                 0.734, 1.00, 1.362
TIRES                                Comet Primo 20 X 1.35 (Schwalbe tires available as options)
RIMS                                 Velocity Aeroheat (ISO 18-406 36H front-ISO 18-559 32 H rear)
SEAT ANGLE                       45 degrees (actual measured angle is 42 degrees)
SEAT HEIGHT                       10” from ground
BOTTOM BRACKET HT.            16 1/2" (approximate measurement-depends on boom length)
BOOM LENGTH                     Adjustable telescoping boom (will handle riders from 5'0" to 6'6"+)
GROUND CLEARANCE            3.5” under the handlebar center section
WEIGHT                              Approx. 33 lb. without accessories (bags, bells, whistles, etc.)
TURNING RADIUS            7'-8' RADIUS (as speed increases, obviously radius increases as well)
GEAR INCH RANGES              Gear inch range is from 17.2050-182.6568 depending on crankset


Here's a really interesting Scarab rider, Jessica Cox from Tucson, AZ who is now riding a Scarab after visiting us here in Refugio last winter.  She came down to try our trike and this past spring I built her one with some modifications that would allow her to control and ride without problems (the shifters and brakes are on the front derailleur mount and she steers with her knees).  Jessica is a really amazing person who recently obtained her LSA pilot's license and is now flying with much enjoyment.   She has been featured on several national TV shows (Inside Edition for one), and in several flying magazines (AOPA Pilot and EAA's publication). Here's a link to a video of when she was here trying out the Scarab.  Heres a link of her appearance on Inside Edition.  Her website is rightfooted.com....check her out.  She is truly an inspiration to all of us.

Here is a pic of our buddy, Roy Pitcher from Rockport, TX.  He and his pastor did a ride/run to Houston from Rockport.  Roy is a very active recumbent rider and makes a lot of the area bike rides.

  This website link is for Synthetic Transportin San Antonio, Texas........Kent is building some really neat pusher setups for trikes and recumbents that REALLY work.  I rode one and it's like no other sensation I've ever experienced on a trike/bike......quiet, effecient, and fast.  Here's his Scarab in it's present configuration.  It looks fast just sitting there.  Check out his site for performance charts and other pics.  Here's some pics of the neat wheel discs he's made from coroplast. He says the trike is faster with the discs on, but side winds do affect them somewhat.   If you contact Kent, tell him you saw his machine here on the website.

This is John Keating from Alabama who, with two other double amputees, have ridden from Newport Beach, CA to Virginia Beach, VA in 2003.  Check out their web site at www.amputeesacrossamerica.com.  They have ridden about 3500 miles and skydived about 32 miles total along the way to show what can be done with the right frame of mind.  John is on a custom configured SCARAB Trike that I built for him with all the controls on the right handlebar.  Below is John on the trike somewhere out West.  He was in Phoenix 4 days after leaving Newport Beach, CA.  Really smoking along!!!!  Check their website for more pics and info.


Justin Ciallella from Belmar, NJ on his SCARAB with loaded BOB trailer in tow.  He was planning to ride from NJ to CA last summer, but the flooding conditions, he had to abandon his trip.  He's planning to attempt it in the future.

Marvin Small, former Beechcraft Chief Sales/Demo Pilot, on his SCARAB trike in College Station, TX preparing to ride the annual Christmas Parade down Texas Avenue.  Marvin has ridden many miles on a two wheeler, but decide to go with the trike for comfort and fun-he hasn't been disappointed!  BTW, that's really his handlebar mustache, not part of his costume!!!   The picture on the right is from this years parade...Marvin is always a big hit with the "parade watchers".

This is our RBEST (Recumbent Bike Enthusiasts of South Texas) with a group of SCARABs after the Goliad "Ride the Missions" event.  There were 7 SCARABS on the ride.  Check out the RBEST web site for more info.

On the SCARABS during the Red Cross ride on the famous King Ranch in Kingsville, TX-Fall 2000


      RBEST at the Jalapeno Hundred in Harlingen 2-17

This is Peter Rich (above) from MA leaving the freight terminal on his new Scarab

This Scarab belongs to Lloyd Brown-taken on the RAGBRAI ride across Iowa

This is my buddy, Bob's, Scarab that he converts to an "off-road hunting machine" this time of year.  Only changes are to "knobby" tires and Slime filled tubes.  Last year he and Calvin (another Scarab rider) hunted Nilgai near the Mexico border on the trikes-they went places that two wheel mountain bikes could not go-quiet and stable.

Here is Steve Sackmary of Austin, TX.  At 6'" and 225, he's enjoying his Scarab and is tribute to the fact that size doesn't bother a Scarab trike.

Here's Fred Pink from Rio Rancho, NM.  These pics were taken while Fred was making an 8,000 mile trip.  He had some bad luck when a lady pulled onto the shoulder of the road and took the left side of his trike off.  Fred had some minor injuries, but is back to riding again.

Fred's trike and BOB trailer                          Fred all decked out for traveling


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